George Sherman: Like other companies, as GameStop navigated the uncertainty of COVID, our top priority was to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and business partners. Despite the disruption of customer traffic to our brick and mortar stores, our strategic investments in our omni-channel capabilities such as our e-commerce, Buy-Online-Pickup-At-Store and mobile app platforms have allowed us to continue to deliver on the increased demand for gaming, entertainment, and remote work products. Almost overnight, we quickly leaned in on our upgraded omni-channel capabilities to fulfill customer orders through curbside pick-up where available and allowed. Additionally, our Buy Online Pick Up at Store capabilities enabled many of our stores to offer contactless curbside pickup. Throughout this challenging environment, our commitment to customer service remained at its highest standard. We have begun safely reopening our stores around the world as conditions and government regulations permit. We have and are continuing to take the appropriate steps to manage through the current environment, positioning GameStop to emerge even stronger on the other side.

Retailers Change their Return Policies Amid COVID-19

When people think of places to buy games and meet other players, many minds still drift to GameStop, one of the largest physical retail chains in America. With online stores and gaming subscription services becoming more prominent both on consoles and on PC, GameStop has faced many challenges. As players increasingly purchase their games from online storefronts, there has been little GameStop has done, or indeed, been able to do to close the sales gap with competitors. The problems that GameStop has been facing have only been compounded by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has prompted self-isolation from many.

GameStop’s updated pre-order pickup system gives you a few the [email protected]​Door service, which has an employee meet you at the door and.

Seriously, why is it that every single Gamestop store has at least one of the things on display? Yet, Gamestop somehow clings to life, partially thanks to their increased reliance on retro gaming. Worse still is their attitude toward employees; though working with Gamestop may seem like a dream come true at the outset, store clerks are often treated more like used car salesmen than traditional retail workers. Tons of ex-employees have taken to YouTube to discuss their disdain for their former employer, and wary job-seekers need not search far to find negative opinions of the organization.

With that in mind, here are 30 ridiculous guidelines which Gamestop forces on their employees. While a vast majority of Gamestop applicants will come equipped with a wealth of knowledge on the subject, the company has certainly hired clueless retail workers in the past. This Circle of Life priority works by encouraging gamers to purchase new games at Gamestop and then return and redeem them for store credit at a later date. Theoretically, buyers would then use that credit to buy used games, and the cycle would continue.

This system made working at Gamestop much more stressful than an average retail job and led to a wide-scale backlash from which the retailer is still struggling to recover. While aggressive, employee-hostile tactics like this may be expected in high-pressure sales environments like used car lots, the Circle of Life mentality brought a huge strain on quality of life for both consumers and representatives at Gamestop. Employees were stressed out because there were very real examples of workers being released from the company for failing to uphold certain quotas, and it hurt the consumer experience because gamers constantly felt pressured to spend more than they actually intended to.

With that in mind, when the Circle of Life standard was in its prime, employees were essentially discouraged from selling new games because it negatively impacted their quotas and sometimes impacted their CoL scores. Workers with CoL scores lower than forty-ish percent were often reprimanded, and it got to the point where game releases were the bane of most employees existences. Now that Gamestop has done away with Circle of Life scores, these issues have been somewhat assuaged.

GameStop Provides US Store Operations and Customer Service Update

Breaking: Looks like GameStop wasn’t ready for the attention this news drew. Stores are closing, full details below:. According to IGN , GameStop employees claim that shop managers and corporate executives have ordered them to keep working despite the current crisis that has led many businesses including Apple to close their retail stores out of safety concerns. The report comes after Kotaku published part of a company memo that reads as follows:.

Latest up to date knowledge on games and consoles releasing. Plus the clientele is great and fellow employees. Cons. Sometimes the hours.

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. The days of brick and mortar video game retail outlets are numbered. We know it, they know it, everyone knows it. That doesn’t stop us from running into a local GameStop for the latest releases though. As as much as we whine and complain about our experiences there we often fail to realize exactly what the person behind the counter is going through.

Imagine being bombarded with questions from know-it-alls and show-offs who come into the store just to test your gaming knowledge. Even worse, constantly being asked about the ending of a game that just came out a week ago. We felt it was high time to give a nod to the GameStop employees and clear up some of the misconceptions we have about them. These 10 Questions You Should Never Ask A GameStop Employee will give you a crystal clear understanding about what they have to deal with when we crazy gamers walk through the glass door.

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14 retailers with flexible return policies during the coronavirus pandemic

By creating an account, you agree to the Terms of Service and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. Effective Sunday March 22, , for all locations not already closed in accordance with state and local orders, GameStop will temporarily stop customer access to storefronts, processing orders on a digital only basis, moving to curbside pick-up at stores and eCommerce delivery only. This will allow the Company to continue to serve customers who have purchased online at GameStop.

Our priority has been and continues to be on the well-being of our employees, customers and business partners. We have been steadfast in our adherence to CDC-guided safety and local government orders for retailers in each of our communities. As millions of Americans look to GameStop to adjust to their new normal of increased time at home, for work, learning and play, we have implemented practices to help ensure the safety and health of our employees, customers and partners.

However, GameStop is adjusting its return policy to be more flexible once days of the original purchase date as long as you have the receipt.

When we walk into a GameStop, we don’t always think of the employees whose job it is to help us. This is understandable, what with the distraction of new games and finding the latest in gaming console accessories. It’s very rare that any of us think of the people behind the counter because to the customer, they’re just doing their job in helping the general public—that’s what they’re paid for, right?

Each of these job titles comes with a long list of duties that include what they can and can’t do as employees of EB Games. You might think that GameStop employees get to sit around all day, chit-chatting about video games and being the first to preorder a new game, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that employees of these stores don’t get as many perks as you’d originally thought and, in addition, aren’t praised on their amount of game knowledge, either.

Rather, these sales associates are trained to be a salesman first and a knowledgeable gamer second. And once you get to management? You don’t need much gaming knowledge at all to earn the position. This, along with plenty more loopholes and rules, are just part of working for a retail game company.

Return Policy Gamestop New Games

GameStop is the largest video game retailer in the U. The retail chain offers various job options and employs workers at over 6, stores worldwide. Available Positions at GameStop: Assistant manager, cashier, game advisor, shift lead, store manager. Printable Application : Yes.

Download GameStop and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. when it comes to GameStop when it come to their memberships, trading policies, returns and so on. The one thing that they need to work on though is the app. most the time it doesn’t tell me the right date of when my preorder product comes out.

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GameStop is staying open because its products are ‘essential’ [UPDATE]

Reopening dates for individual tenants may vary, so we encourage guests to call ahead and follow along on Facebook and Instagram jeffersonvalley for updates. Positions Available. Some positions may not be available in all locations. This includes answering questions and assisting with product selection, purchases, and returns.

Ensure that the store is clean, well-organized, and properly merchandised at all times, and that all policies, procedures, and controls are followed.

GameStop’s CEO also talks about how the company is safely that every facet of our operations, policies, and safety precautions make it easier The health and well-being of our employees and our customers are our greatest focus. Every weekday, Dallas Innovates brings you up to date on what you.

The Gamer Fund, which is affiliated with GameStop Corporation GME brands, has established the Power to the Scholars Scholarship Program to assist employees and their children who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.

Dependents of Employees Applicants who are dependents of employees must meet all of the following criteria as of the application deadline date:. Be a high school senior, high school graduate or a post-secondary freshman, sophomore, or junior. Plan to enroll for the entire upcoming academic year in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-year or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school listed on the Department of Education accreditation search website.

Have a minimum GPA of 3. Note: If an employee has more than one child, all children who meet the eligibility criteria may apply. Each child must apply separately and each application will be evaluated individually. Employee Applicants Applicants who are employees must meet all of the following criteria as of the application deadline date:. Up to fifteen 15 awards will be granted to employees and up to five 5 awards will be granted to dependents of employees.

Renewal is contingent upon satisfactory academic performance maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3. Renewal is also contingent on the continued employment of the GameStop employee. Employee must be employed by GameStop when the awards are disbursed.

Getting fired from GameStop is the best thing that ever happened to me